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Accommodations Selous Game Reserve

Selous Mbega Camp (Standard)

Near the Mtemer Gate you can find Selous Mbega Camp. The sister camp - called Kisaki Annex is located near the Matambwe Gate. By doing a safari in the Selous Game Reserve and combining the two camps you will have the total Selous Game Reserve experience. Also boat trips and walking tours can be arranged from there.


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Selous Mbega Tented Camp     Selous Mbega Tented Camp


Ndoto Kidogo Lodge (Standard)


Ndoto Kidogo Lodge is a small lodge on the edge of Selous Game Reserve. In total you have 5 houses and some backpacker rooms available for your stay. The Rufiji River is nearby and the lodge is visited every now and then from elephants.
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Ndoto Kidogo Lodge     Ndoto Kidogo Lodge Cottage

Selous Wilderness Camp (Deluxe)


Selous Wilderness Camp was opened in July 2009. Located on the shores of the Rufiji River and offers 7 tents with space for maximum 15 guests. From Dar es Salaam it takes about 5 hours by car and half an hour from Mtemere Airstrip.

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Selous Wilderness Camp     Selous Wilderness Camp sitting

Rufiji River Camp (Luxury)


Rufiji River Camp is located in the herat of Selous Game Reserve next to Rufiji River. Each tent has its own restroom and a veranda with a wonderful view over the river. Do a boat cruise on the river or a walking tour with a ranger in the morning.
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Rufiji River Camp     Rufiji River boat

Selous Safari Camp (Luxury)


Selous Safari Camp is located on the shores of Lake Nzerakera Sees. In total there are 13 tents in two camps (north and south). This camp offers you the maximum of luxury and exclusivity in the pure wilderness. Together with other guest you can do the following tours: boat safari, game drives, walking in the morning, visit the Mloka village (only in the morning), fishing. The camp is also offering fly camping - that means to sleep one night in the bush with nothing but a mosquito net between you and the stars. A very intensive bush adventure, which you should book in advance.
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Selous Safari Camp     Selous Safari Camp veranda